I Can So Can You!

  • Posted on: 20 June 2015
  • By: ICAN

The story of Patricia Narayan, winner of this year's 'Ficci Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ award is amazing.
She started her career 30 years ago as an entrepreneur, selling eateries from a mobile cart on the Marina beach amidst all odds -- battling a failed marriage, coping with her husband, a multiple addict, and taking care of two kids.

Today, she has overcome the hurdles and owns a chain of restaurants.

Another big trouble for Indian Outsourcing Copanies in United States

  • Posted on: 16 June 2015
  • By: ICAN

This isn't a news anymore. Indians have been working in the States for quite a time now, this wouldn't be an exaggeration that the Information & Technology in US is resting on the shoulders of Asians (specially Indian and Chinese). All the known firms in US have outsourced a good chunk of their work to Indian firms however the same has not been taken well by the authorities; reason being they look at Asians as the people who are a threat to their employment opportunities.